Friday, June 25, 2010

Improving your marriage

For a successful relationship, each person needs to feel loved by the other. Not only does everyone need to receive love in his language, but he will be hurt more by negative acts in that language. For instance, someone who responds best to words will be especially hurt by criticism, or someone who responds best to gifts will be especially hurt by taking an item of his without permission. This book describes in detail the qualities of a person who needs each of these languages and specific ways that someone who is unaccustomed to that language can begin to express love using it.

Discovering a mate's love language is the key to filling his or her emotional tank. Oftentimes people show love according to how they would like to be loved, though it may not be the love language of the other person. Also, if a person can understand his or her own preferred avenue for receiving love, it will help to specifically ask for things that demonstrate it.

article written by Kelly Pfeiffer

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